The Dry Garden Nursery

We are acknowledged specialists in sustainable

drought tolerant plants for Bay Area gardeners.

6556 Shattuck Ave.

Oakland, Ca.

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The rare plants' fearless leader in his lair on Shattuck Ave.

Two fine and healthy snacks

Photos by Mike at Jump'n Java

Take a trip to Chartes, France!

Spring 2016 at Mark Bulwinkle's garden in West Oakland, California

Ocotillo in spring of 2016 in Joshua Tree, California

At the Dry Garden Airplants never get lonely!

We recently received a large shipment of these delightful, low maintenance Tillandsias, better known as Airplants. Coming from South and Central America as well as the southern United States, Airplants are epiphytic bromelaids that grow on trees and live off rain water and detritus (bits of leaves, flowers, insects, etc.).Thus, as indoor plants, they desire nothing more than spraying bi-monthly with the occasional addition of a weak fertilizer and no direct sun. Soooo... easy! For terreriums, wood mountings, glass jars, or even an old shoe. Be creative! So fun and easy.

Below - Perth, Australia, September, 2014




Above - Rafflesia pricei

photograph by Richard Ward

near Kola Kinabalu, Borneo.


6556 Shattuck Avenue

(Between Ashby and Alcatraz)

Oakland, California, 94609

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The Dry Garden Nursery is located in North Oakland, California, right on Shattuck Avenue, between Ashby and Alcatraz, about a half block from the Berkeley line. Since opening in 1987, we have served not only the nearby communities of Oakland and Berkeley, but far and wide throughout the Bay Area. Indeed, while traveling through the many beautiful and now horticulturally complex neighborhoods nearby and throughout the East Bay, our presence here on Shattuck Ave. is clearly reflected. We serve our customers with beautiful plants which are completely sustainable in our glorious Bay Area climate(s). Specializing in low water and drought tolerant plants from Mediteranian-like and arid regions of the world, we focus on succulents and cacti, rare, BIZARRE, and very unusual plants, along with a few monstrose, caudiciforms, and crests. This site has been created by Mark Bulwinkle especially to show off Richard Ward's wonderful photographs of some of his most admired plants. Here, his obvious love for some of these thrilling plants is impossible to conceal. If you like this site, bookmark it on your computer and e-mail the link to friends. Even better, come on down to the nursery and look around. You may want to take a couple of vivacious but lonely plants home with you just to keep you company. Click on the links below to navigate to other pages in our web site. Also, be sure to enlarge each image on the Hortisexual Wonders page to rejoice along with us in these plants' georgeous horticulturally shameless beauty! Thank you all so very, very much.

1991 San Francisco Garden Show

The Garden of Broken Promises

Sunday Morning Beauties

Richard's Pics

Hortisexual Wonders

Lucky Thirteen


Those bad trees at it again!

510 -547-3564

Union City, California, above, and

below, Africa

Customers at the Dry Garden often ask if this or that plant will do well at their place, wherever that is. We really can't tell. Plants, like people, will thrive in places where others will just give up and head for home, again, wherever that is. But some plants, for absolutely mysterious reasons known only to them and their maker, will respond to their location with startling optimism. They will grow into giants of health with a terrifying lust for life. There is just no telling. Everything and everyone is absolutely different. It is best to simply enjoy the wonder of it all and heave back a good martini while you still can. Olive or onion? Dirty?, or Dry.

Euphorbia flanaganil, June 29, 2012


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Click here to see a larger image of this

splendid beauty, Cordyline 'Sunrise'


Sonchus Canariensis


Euphorbia Atropurpurea


A Serendipidous Wonder


Protea Cynaroides


Fuchsia 'Firecrackers'


Aichryson sp variagated


Bark of Brachychiton rapestris


Jimpa Nyima and his beloved assistant, Engsal,

our plants' best friends.


Forteen foot tall mid-November Tree Dahlias at Bulwinkleland in Oakland, Ca.

These plants either love you or hate you. There is just no telling till you try them.


A purple tree dahlia blossom fondled by Agnes

Rettie at the end of May in Alameda, California.

Such an unusual time for such a full first year

bloom. A happy plant grown from a cutting

started at the Dry Garden Nursery.


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